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You missed THE Pickleball Summit where 30+ top pickleball coaches and experts share the latest in techniques, strategies, equipment, mental training and fitness and more!

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Built for pickleball players dedicated to
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Everything you need in one place: step-by-step videos, game breakdowns, and analysis, coaching from two of the best and most responsive coaches in the game, and a community of pickleball players all dedicated to growing. 

Yes, I'm In!

Now, tell us, are you a pickleball player over 50
who is...

  • Tired of running ragged on the free content-consumption hamster wheel to master your skills and improve YOUR game?

  • Wants organized information and a personal roadmap as a guide to becoming the best player you can be?

  • A rookie who wants to develop the right skills instead of the bad habits that comes from all that "free advice"? 😉

  • Feeling stuck, not not improving as fast as you'd like and unsure how to get to the next level? 

  • Aware that you need MORE support and new perspective to understand the best techniques and strategies for your game?

  • Annoyed by the sky-high costs (💰) of pickleball camps and programs and looking for an affordable alternative?

If you're  determined to improve, you already know that pickleball is an easy game to learn but difficult to master.

There are real challenges to upping your game and technique…

Even if you’re using the latest and greatest YouTube instructional video to boost your game it may not be what YOU need.

When it comes to pickleball one size does not fit all.  

Now more than ever, pickleball players are investing in private coaching, but it can be difficult and expensive to access.

To top it off, learning pickleball at a camp is like drinking from a fire hose. Too much information to process!

Not to mention the physical challenges that we in the over 50 crowd face... (ya know 😉?)


That means.....

Being a successful pickleball player isn't all about watching YouTube videos and taking lessons.

It's about knowing how to create court-ready skills, strategies, and techniques...

... Showing up in a way that not only makes you better & more skilled but also more confident and successful!

VIPickleball is the first of its kind: an immersive, online training community designed to help you create a roadmap to success. 

The ONLY question YOU need to answer is...

Are you ready to equip yourself with the skills, tools, support, and serious confidence of a successful pickleball player?

Let us answer that for you...

You can go from a newbie to a powerful-pickleball-player in just a few months. 

So you're not sure 🙄... Let us explain. 

When you join the VIPickleball community, you gain access to our proven coaching philosophy, get proprietary content and diagnostic tools.

You'll learn EXACTLY how to improve your game & technique, how to BOOST your pickleball fitness.....and much more.


If we haven't yet met on YouTube,
we're CJ and Tony

Hey, I'm CJ — pickleball princess, golfer girl and skier chick, cat mama to Ralph and Shirley (yes, Happy Days), and unapologetic Star Trek addict.

Since I started coaching more than three decades ago, one thing has remained the same: My commitment to see students not as they are but as what they can become and to move heaven and earth to help them realize their untapped potential.

You should know that when it comes to helping pickleball players over 50 live their best lives on and off the courts, I'm an expert. Besides being a pickleball coach, I'm a personal trainer and weight management, specialist. Good pickleball is not just technique; it's the mind and body working holistically.

Hola. My name is Tony. I’m a former tennis player – 40+ years. When not thinking about or studying pickleball, I like to travel with my wife  Jill, especially if it's in Matilda (our RV).

In 2016, shortly after learning pickleball, I played with my friend Tom in the Open division at the first US Open in Naples, Florida. That morning we learned just how complicated the game can be and how far we still had to go.

Since then, I have been on a quest, both for myself and for other players I have met along the way. For myself, it has been to learn everything; figure out each angle to this sport. For others, it has been to help them see what I see, to know the game the way I know the game.

Yet, we both wanted to help pickleball players in a more significant way. That's when we crossed paths.

We were both searching for a better way to help players who have an earnest desire to improve.

We knew that online training COULD provide excellent results (why do you think it's so popular). After all, our channels with a combined 40,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000,000 views have helped thousands of players understand the game better and improve as players.

But we saw too many people left feeling like a hot mess with little confidence.

They were drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Jumping from one video to the next in search of the magic bullet to transform them into the player they knew they could become.

What if players could eliminate the conflicting advice, instructions, and strategies from numerous scattered sources and implement a personalized, focused path to improvement leaving behind the one-size-fits-all approach?

We knew we could show players how to build a foundation based on solid fundamentals from organized information, a roadmap personalized to each player's talents and abilities. But as much as we love YouTube, it wasn't set up for that!

This is why we created VIPickleball.

VIPickleball is the only online learning community of its kind. It combines step-by-step teaching videos with personalized coaching from CJ and Tony and a community of like-minded people all intent on improving as players. This combination of courses, coaching, and community available 24/7 provides an unparalleled learning experience unlike anything else in the sport.

Time is precious, and if you're looking for something to change your pickleball game — this is IT.

We'll be coaching you every step of the way — we're in this together!


What Is VIPickleball?


You gain access to our exclusive members-only digital library. The step-by-step instruction is designed to help you improve fast, leaving the unstructured “maybe this will work” approach behind.


Learn directly from online training sessions. These webinars and live Q&As with some of the best coaches in the game will show you how to clear through the clutter and achieve success. 


CJ and Tony, along with our vibrant community of like-minded pickleball players, will be there to encourage and bring accountability to your goals on and off the courts. 

What VIPickleball Members Are Saying

Gerard's Story


Martha's Story

Larry's Story




✅ 8 complete digital courses, more than 100 videos, and counting! Including:

A third shot drop diagnostic module to cure your drop problems once and for all.

Do you "feel the need for speed?" The faster footwork module will teach you how to leave your opponents n the dust. 

A drills digital library. You're done wasting time scouring the internet for the right drill to improve your skill. Don't have a partner or can't get to the courts? We've got you covered.  

VIPickleball covers all areas of your game with:

Serving basics

The new drop serve

Return side wellness check

Power moves

Full-court singles

Pickleball fitness challenge

The Stacking Lab

✅ WEEKLY LIVE Zoom coaching with CJ & Tony

✅ Support and accountability from other knowledgeable pickleball players in a safe & moderated online forum (PRICELESS!)

✅ Resources and roadmaps to build your personalized improvement plan 


👇Not to Mention👇


✅ Weekly live office hours with CJ & Tony

It’s your chance to get your questions answered. It’s like having your coaches on speed dial.

✅ Game Breakdowns

Join CJ, Tony, and other VIPickleball members to breakdown real-life match footage. Learn as you go play-by-play and step-by-step critiques.

✅ Monthly Member-Only Webinars

Each month we’ll do a deep dive on a specific pickleball topic to help you gain a better understanding of the games

✅ A Community full of like-minded pickleball players

Influence, connect, and lead within the fastest growing and ONLY Pickleball community of its kind.

New content added regularly

 For Just 

No Long-Term Commitment


Our Guarantee 

If you aren't delighted with the VIPickleball experience in the first 30-days, we'll give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address a few elephants in the room.

You can join and cancel at anytime. No long-term commitment required 


Online learning is so much more than watching videos.

We provide you a variety of resources and step by step instructions to identify the information you need to improve and learn how to incorporate it into your game.

In VIPickleball there are multiple instructional modules from which to choose. 

Each module is comprised of multiple video lessons and resources designed to help you understand the concept and build a practice plan to develop the on court skills you need to achieve your playing goals. 


There are three components and something to look forward to every single week inside of VIPickleball. 

On-Demand Digital Library

Since CJ and Tony are most widely known for their coaching, they’ve created a variety of on-demand classes that can be accessed 24-7. But they didn’t want to stop there because they know from experience the fastest way for players to improve is through coaching. That’s why they offer weekly access to them to get all of your questions answered.

Live Coaching Opportunities

In addition to the on-demand digital library, they’ll be a variety of live events, including webinars and office hours.

Those will be conducted on Zoom. Upon completion, event replays will be posted in the digital library for you to review. 


In addition to connecting with Tony and CJ, the community section of the site is where you get to surround yourself with like minded pickleball players: people who have a desire to improve.

Ask questions and share your knowledge and a variety of pickleball subjects from paddles to strategies to shoes and everything in between.

We’ve got you covered with winter-friendly programing 

We have indoor drills, a fitness challenge, and much more to keep you engaged, fit and improving. 

Tony and CJ love producing YouTube content. Unfortunately, that platform isn’t conducive to the step-by-step content you need to improve quickly. While you might be able to search old videos and find some valuable content, it would take hours and you still wouldn’t have all of the pieces to the puzzle. In VIPickleball we provide step-by-step content not found on YouTube as well as coaching to get your questions answered. We do all the heavy lifting: all you need to do is practice to get real results.

Please don’t give up. VIPickleball is designed as a step-by-step program that you can access at any time. You can repeat the modules as often as you like. In addition, the office hours, video breakdowns, AMA (Ask Me Anything), and other community resources are designed to create measurable improvement.

We’ve found that it’s better to learn the correct habits from the beginning than unlearn bad habits. When you understand the strategies and concepts you’ll make real progress and won’t get distracted by all the bad information online and on the courts.

Office hours are weekly coaching calls with Tony and CJ. These are conducted on Zoom and open to all members. Details on the calls can be found in the Events section in the community.  

One of the shortcomings of the explosion of online pickleball coaching is it’s all one-sided. They talk and you listen, and in our opinion, it’s not the best way to learn.

In addition, there’s a reason that pickleball is so popular: IT’S SOCIAL!

CJ and Tony wanted to create a safe space for two-way communication to increase the speed at which players learn. In addition, they wanted to give you access to the insider conversations, and a chance to connect with other like minded passionate pickleball players for encouragement and support. No insults, no politics, just pickleball.

Lastly, the community influences future instructional topics.

Our community offers safe moderated discussions. 

Since the conversations are easy to search, there will be less need for new members to repeatedly ask the same question. They’ll be able to access the answer and add to the ongoing discussion.

We think you’ll find a group of passionate pickleball players who want to improve their game, not the same 20 or 30 people dominating the conversation.

There’s no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

From time to time there will be guest clinicians and premium events, including live, in-person events that won’t be included in the monthly membership. However, members will be offered a discount to events sponsored by VIPickleball.

As long as you can access the internet with a phone, pad or computer you have all the skill you need to be able to access the courses and the community.

In addition, we have a tech vault to help you navigate and [email protected] to answer your questions. 

A final message before you choose what will serve you best right now…

If you're still reading this, we know you're feeling called to shake up your pickleball game.

No matter what you decide to do, we care about your success.

Here's a little tough love 💝

If you want to change your performance level, and we're guessing you do because you're still here, then STOP looking for the latest and greatest.

Let's get clear about this. Regardless if you decide to go on this journey with us in VIPickleball, we want you to do one thing for yourself. Understand that no one-shot, strategy, or the latest YouTube video is standing between you and taking your pickleball game to the next level.

Outstanding performance in any sport, including pickleball, is the ability to understand the game, mold that understanding into your skills set, and then execute it over and over, under any condition.

And while you may ultimately learn to navigate it on your own… there's no reward for doing it the hard way.

As life-long competitive athletes and coaches, we know first-hand it takes a holistic approach to improve: technique, strategy, mental performance, and physical fitness. And it has to fit into your busy lifestyle. That's exactly how we designed VIPickleball.

There is a whole toolbox of support waiting to carry you through 2021 and beyond if it feels aligned with your pickleball goals. We want to help you take a step forward.

We believe that you can do this —this is YOUR journey.

YES to believing: you can be invited to the exclusive games.

YES to knowing:  you have confidence no matter who you're playing.

YES to acknowledging: you are on your way to becoming the best player you can be.

If you're seeking permission to invest in yourself, your growth as an athlete, and your enjoyment of the game, you already love-give it to yourself.

And VIPickleball is the *best* way to receive guidance, support, and our expertise to navigate your pickleball improvement path. 

So if you're ready to do this, we look forward to seeing you in the community!

CJ and Tony



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