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30 Top Pickleball Coaches and Experts sharing the latest in technique, strategy, equipment, mental training, fitness and more!

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Who is THE Pickleball Summit for?


Trim years off your success journey by learning it correctly from the start.


but you’re savvy enough to know that there’s still a lot to learn.


but you’re hooked and will be playing the game for years. You know that with more confidence comes more fun!


It's likely you're a 4.0 plus player and need new strategies and techniques to take your game to the next level.

What you’ll learn

☑️How to correct your technique and make fewer mistakes on the courts.

☑️Optimal strategies to win more rallies and frustrate your opponents.

☑️The latest in pickleball specific fitness and injury prevention techniques to keep playing longer.

☑️Mindset. Break free from self doubt and negative thoughts. Learn to enjoy pickleball in a whole new way.

☑️A deeper understanding of the rules and how they can help you in your next competitive match.

☑️Find out what you need to know before you purchase your next paddle or pair of shoes.

☑️The gear that should be in every savvy pickleball player’s bag.

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What's included in the Lifetime All-access pass? 

💠Videos from 30 world-class coaches and experts sharing the skills you must have to reach your pickleball potential.

💠Topics include everything you need to improve: technique, strategy, equipment, mental training, fitness, injury prevention, and rules.

💠Want to take the information to the courts to practice? We've got you covered with a mobile app.

💠More of a reader? Download the written transcripts so you can take notes.

💠Want a downloadable audio to listen to on your way to play? We've got that too.

💠Ready to make finally make a plan to break through to the next level? Use the Summit workbook to help you organize your objectives and stop jumping from one idea to the next.

No matter your learning style, the Lifetime All-Access Pass has you covered.

What other's are saying about the Summit


Such great material! I am looking forward to re-watching it with my all access pass!
I printed the workbook and the playbook too. Taking it all on a long plane trip next week. Thank you again for the best pickleball info out there!!


Such a wealth of information to be reviewed many more times. 

Thank YOU for providing such access to so many talented Pickleball Professionals (more than just players)! It truly is a gift to have connected with them and all that joined the sessions.


Wow, Wow, Wow!!
That was an incredible 4 days, and so so much info. I for one could not watch and retain everything everyday so will definitely be going back and re-watching many if not all of the presentations. 


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Meet the Experts

Barrett Kincheloe

Pickleball Kitchen

The One Skill You MUST Learn


Dr. Peter Scales, PHD "Coach Pete"

Compete, Learn, Honor

Conquering the Mental Game

Compete-Learn-Honor-Build New Mental & Emotional Habits for Pickleball


Jordan Briones and Nicole Havlicek


Top 10 Most Common Strategy Mistakes & How To Fix Them


Glen Peterson

Senior Pro

Paddle Selection -
Cutting Through the Noise


Randy Sussman and Kyle Yates


It's just a shirt. Right? Wrong!

Mark Renneson

Third Shot Sports
Pickleball Coaching International

Pickleball Myth Busting


Helle Sparre

Dynamite Doubles

Doubles Strategy - Teamwork - Movement - Shot Selection


Deb Harrison "Picklepong Deb"

Deb Harrison YouTube

Winning Pickleball at Any Age


Edward Hechter

Pickleball Central

Understanding Pickleballs-Pick the Right One for You


Gigi Fernandez

Gigi Fernandez Tennis

Pickleball is NOT Mini-Tennis


Eddie Adkins

The Journey to 4.0

John Sperling

Top Senior Pro

Get Through the Transition Zone to the NVZ


Scott Fliegelman

Babolat/Boulder Pickleball

Tips to Dominate the Soft Game and Avoid Elbow Pain


Dr. Allan Rosenthal

Advanced Foot Care Center

5 Tips For Healthy Feet and Legs


Brad Walker

The Stretching Institute

Stretching and Flexibility Secrets for Pickleball Players


Coach Russell

Suncoast Pickleball Training Boot Camps

Are You "Mentally Ready" to Play?


Yvonne Ting

Level 2 IPTPA Instructor/Senior Pro

How To Use The Soft Game To Boost Your Confidence


Dotti Berry Aka Coach B

EPIC Health & Wellness

Women in Pickleball - a Sport For All


Bryan Munoz

BR3 Health & Performance

What Does Rotation Have to Do With Pickleball?


Don Stanley

Head Referee, PPA Tour

Rules Misconceptions-
Know the Rules of the Game


Drew Evans

Pickleball Librarian

There's More to Gear Than
Paddles and Shoes


Yvonne and Jim Hackenberg

Senior Pros/Fever in the Zoo Tournament

Creating Doubles Harmony


Gene Smyth

Senior Pro/Pickleball Philosopher

9-3-1? How To Overcome a Deficit


Lynn Cherry

Pickleball Fire

The Past, Present and
Future of Pickleball


Mike Schwartz

Simon - The Pickleball Machine

Do I Need A Ball Machine?


Lukas McKnight

Vizual Edge

Want Faster Reactions?
The "EYES" Have It


Kevin Huckle

Tyrol North America Inc.

Pickleball Shoes?
What You Need to Know


Jackson Corley


The Science Behind Recovery
(and Prevention) Wear

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Meet your hosts -CJ and Tony


Why put together a Pickleball Summit?

We know that online training CAN provide excellent results (why do you think it's so popular). After all, our channels with a combined 40,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000,000 views have helped thousands of players understand the game better and improve as players.

But there are two problems with online information.

  1. We see too many people jumping from one video to the next in search of the magic bullet to transform them into the player they knew they could become. They are usually left feeling like a hot mess with little confidence, drowning in a sea of overwhelm.
  2. Not all content is created equally. With the explosion in pickleball there’s more content on line then ever before and not all of it’s good. Just how does someone differentiate and choose content that really improves their game?

That’s why we hand-picked each of the Summit presenters. They are experts from inside and outside of pickleball. We tasked them to offer you their best actionable advice to improve your pickleball game and with more than 17 hours of their best stuff, you’ll be able to use the Summit for years to come to improve your game.


THE Pickleball Summit 2021 Playbook

Start improving your pickleball game immediately!

30 World Class coaches and experts with one goal in you improve your pickleball game.

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