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CJ and Tony have provided hundreds of hours of on-court instruction, amassing a combined 40,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000,000 views. Their instruction has helped thousands of players understand the game better and improve as players.

What you might not know is while online training yields better results than in-person coaching (why do you think it’s so popular),YouTube isn’t set up for the support you need to level up. 

Was there more CJ and Tony could do? A better way to help players who have an earnest desire to improve?

That’s why we joined forces to create VIPickleball.

VIPickleball is the only immersive learning community in pickleball. It combines step by step teaching videos with coaching input from CJ and Tony and a community of like-minded people all intent on improving as players. This combination of content, direction, and support continuously available 24/7 provides an unparalleled learning experience unlike anything else in the sport.

You can go fast alone or far together, and we want you to go far.

Not just one, but TWO

Not long after finding pickleball, CJ realized that the conflicting advice shared on the pickleball courts kept players from reaching their potential. Combining her knowledge as a multi-sport professional athlete and coach and her background as a personal trainer and weight management specialist, the Better Pickleball YouTube Channel was born. In 2019, she launched her first digital course, Fit After 50, a step by step method to help pickleball players manage weight, get fit, and play better pickleball without the overwhelm and confusion. Her passion is to help pickleball players over 50 live their best lives on and off the pickleball courts

Tony and his wife Jill were competitive tennis players when they were introduced to pickleball, and it didn’t take long for them to leave tennis behind. Tony became an IPTPA Master Teaching Professional and, together with Jill, founded In2Pickle – a resource for all things Pickleball. Through their In2Pickle YouTube channel and online written resources, Tony shares pickleball tips and strategies and hopes to help more players come to and enjoy this incredible sport.  His underlying philosophy is that any player who puts in the work can improve his/her game, becoming a benchmark 4.0 player (if not higher).

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